Building Use Policies


            Section 1:  General Building Use Policy

            The following policies govern the use of our building for all purposes except weddings.  Use of the building for weddings is covered by a separate policy document. 

Priorities for Building Use

  1. The ministries of the church take first priority for all building usage.
  2. Other Christian ministries may use the building if it is not in use by a church ministry, at the discretion of the Senior Pastor.  This includes, but is not limited to, sister churches, Christian schools, and parachurch ministries. 
  3. Church members may use the building for private activities, if not scheduled for use by the church or by other Christian ministries. 
  4. Neighbors and community groups may use the building if it has not been scheduled for use by the church, by other Christian ministries, or by a church member. 
  5. Funerals obviously cannot be planned more than a few days in advance.  The funeral of a church member, regular attender, or member of their family will be given high priority in building usage.  Scheduled events may have to be cancelled to accommodate funerals. 


  1. All requests for building use should be made and coordinated with the church office.  Simply writing an event on the church calendar does not reserve the building.  The administrative assistant, under the pastor’s direction, will have an official building reservation calendar.  Events that require a fee will not be considered booked until the fee is paid and these policies have been acknowledged in writing.  If no fee is required, then only the written acknowledgement of the policies must be received. 
  2. Church events and other ministries should be scheduled as far in advance as possible. 
  3. Final scheduling of private use of the building by either members or non-members is permitted no more than three months in advance, and only if church or other ministry events have not been scheduled. 
  4. Private events may be tentatively scheduled more than 3 months in advance, but may be bumped by church or other ministries.  The event will be confirmed three months prior to the event, if no church or other Christian ministry requests the building. 
  5. If there are extenuating circumstances, a private event may be booked farther in advance than the normal 3 months, at the Senior Pastor’s discretion. 


            Fees are not designed to make a profit, but to allow the church to reasonably recover costs and to help with replacement costs incurred as the building is used. 

  1. There are no fees for the use of the building for church ministries or for other Christian ministries if approved by the pastor.  Those ministries may voluntarily contribute to help defray expenses. 
  2. Fees for private use of the building by members and non-members will be as follows.  For this purpose, all who regularly attend the church and participate in its events are considered members, whether they are officially on the church membership rolls or not. 

a)     There will be no fee for the use of the building for those who regularly attend the church. 

b)    There are three areas that may be rented by private parties or community groups:  the sanctuary, the gymnasium and kitchen, and the youth room.  There is a $50 fee for the use of the sanctuary, a $50 fee for the use of the kitchen and gymnasium, and a $25 fee for the use of the youth room. 

c)     A janitorial fee will also be charged for private building usage, whether by members or non-members.  The fee will be $50 for the gymnasium or the sanctuary, and $25 for the youth room.  If food is prepared in the kitchen or served in the gymnasium, there will be a $100 janitorial fee.      

If a church member wishes to do his own janitorial work, the fee will be charged,  then refunded if the work is done adequately and no further janitorial help is needed. 

d)    There is an extra charge for use of the sound systems.  If the sound system is to be used in the sanctuary or youth room, a member of the AV committee must be present or must train the person who is to run the system.  A $50 fee will be charged to non-members.  Members will pay a fee of $30 for use of the sound system for private events.  Any use of the sound system must be approved by the pastor as pertains to content.  There is no sound system in the gymnasium. 

e)     If the church nurseries are to be used, there will be an additional $25 fee for each nursery room used.  This fee will not apply to members.  Toys must be picked up and the room straightened after usage.   The church does not supply nursery workers.  That is the renting party’s responsibility.  If the nurseries are used, there must be two adults (age 21 or older) working in the nursery at all times.

f)     If an event lasts over 2 hours, additional fees may be incurred.  If more than 150 people will be in attendance, additional fees may be incurred.  The office will determine these when the event is scheduled. 


Building Use Policies for Events

            These policies apply to all who use the building, whether private parties, Christian ministries, or church groups.  They do not apply to church ministries. 

  1. No alcohol products on the premises, including the parking lot.  Anyone who arrives on the premises under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be asked to leave the premises.
  2. No smoking in the buildings.  We would prefer no smoking on the premises, but if people have to smoke, it must by the northern entrances off the gym area.  Cigarette butts should be properly disposed of, not thrown on the ground. 
  3. No dances are allowed on the church premises. 
  4. All guests should remember that they are in a church and behave in a manner that is appropriate for a church setting.  The booking party is responsible to enforce this policy. 
  5. Children must be well-supervised at all times.  They must not be allowed to play in the nurseries unsupervised, and they must not play on the church stage or around the piano and organ.
  6. Set-up and take down of tables, chairs and furnishings is the responsibility of the party using the building.  If tables or chairs are taken down or set up or if any furnishings are moved, they must be returned to the way they were before the event. 
  7. The party who uses the facility is responsible for anything that is broken.
  8. It is expected that all events which use the sanctuary or gymnasium be finished by 6 PM on Saturday evenings, so that the building can be put in order before Sunday morning. 
  9. Please walk through the building before you leave, checking for lights left on or items out of place.
  10. Any religious ceremonies or services, prayers or liturgies, conducted on site must be in accord with the doctrines and practices of this church. 

Building Use Policies for Ongoing Usage

1.     If someone wishes to use the building for an ongoing event, the following policies apply, in addition to other policies listed above.  The Senior Pastor will decide whether an activity is appropriate for the building.   His decisions may be appealed to the Deacons.

2.     There will be no fee for church functions or for Christian ministries that wish to use the building.  For all others, an hourly fee for expenses will be charged for usage of the gymnasium on a regular basis.  That fee is $20 per hour.  Fees should be paid at least monthly.  Appropriate fees will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis for the rental of other rooms in the building. 

3.     These activities may be preempted by church events.  We will try to give reasonable notice, but reserve the right to preempt at any time, if there is a ministry-related necessity. 

4.     It is expected that groups that use the building will treat it with care and respect.  If they do not, their permission to use the building will be terminated. 

5.     Groups should not enter areas they are not authorized to use. 

6.     The leader of the group will be issued a door key, and will pay a $20 deposit for the key, which will be refunded when the key is returned. 

7.     The group should clean up after itself and replace any furnishings to their original positions. 

8.     The church may cancel a reservation for ongoing building usage with one month’s notice.  If these policies are violated, no notice is required.     




Application for Building Use



NAME:  ______________________________________________


ADDRESS: ___________________________________________




PHONE:        -        -            WORK       -        -            CELL       -       -




Date of Use: ____________ 


Time of Use: __________  until ____________


Purpose: (Please how you will use the building.)








Number of People expected: ________________


FEES (Office Personnel will fill this in)                                             Total


Fee for Building Use:              $50      $100    ____________            ____________


Fee for Janitorial:                    $50      $100    ____________            ____________


Other fees:                   


            Nursery                       _____ x $25                                        ____________


            Sound System             $50                                                      ____________


            Other                                                                                       ____________





                        Total Fees:                                                                  ____________


I/We have read and understand the policies for building use document and agree to abide by all policies. 


                        Signed  ____________________________________



We wish to avoid misunderstandings, and make sure that our policies are clearly understood.  To that end, we would ask that you individually initial each of the following statements.  Thank you for helping us make sure that no misunderstandings occur. 


            I/We understand that no alcohol is permitted on the premises. ____ 

            I/We understand that there is no smoking in the building. _____

            I/We understand that there will be no dances on the premises.  _____

 I/We understand that there will be no religious activities or ceremonies on the premises that are not in agreement with the doctrines and practices of this church.  _____

 I/We understand that this is a church, and that everyone in our party is expected to behave in a manner that is appropriate at a church.  _____

 I/We understand that children should not be allowed to play on the stage, near any electronic or musical equipment, and are not allowed in the nurseries unless the nursery has been rented for the event.  ______

            I/We understand that we must return all furnishings to their place.  _____

            I/We understand that there will be no food on the blue pew chairs.  _____

I/We understand that if we are using the building on a Saturday, the building should be ready for cleaning by 6 PM.  ______

            I/We understand that we have not reserved the building until we have paid all fees. _____

            I/We understand that we will be responsible for anything we break. ______


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