Denomination Affiliation

We are in full cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Baptist Convention of Iowa and the Northwest Iowa Baptist Association.   Through these associations, we are a part of the most aggressive and expansive world missions program in history.  We help to support the work of well over 10,000 missionaries in the United States and around the world.  We also help to support 6 biblically based seminaries and other important ministries. 

We contribute 12 percent of our regular offerings to the Cooperative Program.  The Cooperative Program is the Southern Baptist method of supporting the ministries mentioned above.  We send a portion of our offerings to our state convention (Baptist Convention of Iowa).  With our money, and that of about 100 churches across Iowa, they fund Baptist work in Iowa.  They also send a healthy percentage of that money on to the Southern Baptist Convention.  Combined with the offerings of over 42,000 churches in 42 state conventions, we support the work of our International Mission Board, our North American Mission Board, our six seminaries, and other ministries.  

While we cooperate fully with the Southern Baptist Convention, the denomination has no authority over us as a local church.  We associate voluntarily and willingly, but authority remains with the congregation.  

Visit the website of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist Convention of Iowa